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Style and design in business casual fashion, unlike the cultural and social factors, as opposed to the convenience of use and according to serve different business lines are taking shape. T-we, we create style and texture design, first of all, outfit to use environment and service in the field. In addition to use the personnel industry and business clothes, taking into account the convenience of the working environment to companies and institutions have been developing custom designs.


Designed specifically to our customers all of our designers work clothes, high-tech machinery and expert tailors are realizing the process of planting with our accurate and quality.

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Fabric and color selections, industry specifications, according to the season and we’re doing the corporate colors of the firms. Firms are given the type of fabrics by industry that it serves. According to the State of summer and Winter Seasonal job, we use different fabrics for the clothes. Our firms ‘ corporate identity and color selection of sectoral norms we do.

In line with the demands of our job clothing screen printing, heat transfer, offset printing, digital printing, using the firms who require logos or images.

We apply to business dress embroidery, faithful to the corporate identity of the company forward with our State-of-the-art machines and master. Meticulously detailed and fine workmanship.

Private companies or institutions and our original design patterns that we have cut jobs after the completion of the mass production. All our designs are stored in our data base.

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For our clients we always prefer the use of high quality raw materials.  In addition, the production process is completed work before shipping your clothes a careful quality control process by our experts.

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Work wear for different uses or for use in any logo or detail etiketlendirerek we offer customization.

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As the production of t-Tex products shipped prior to the use of and to prevent damage, we apply special packaging to preserve the clean operation.